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Since our first day as an online marketing agency, our objective is to position our clients and treat their projects as they are carried out. Evaluate our clients on all digital platforms.
Online marketing is much more than managing content, social networks, design and development of technological solutions integrated into the media and we will know them!
We live in a constantly changing society.
Our work philosophy is based on communication and constancy of working time.
Communication is the fundamental pillar of dealing with our clients.
We will make sure we have the best intentions, work very hard, and do a lot of business in the world. 


Strengthen and develop your business with body, mind and spirit. Serving to guide any organization that seeks external support to maximize its activity.


Our vision serves as the blueprint for our Roadmap and guides all aspects of our business to describe what we need to start a session to continue building quality and sustainable crime.

Our Principles

  •  Profits Maximize the Return of Our clients, without Losing sight of the Totality of Our Responsibilities.
  • People: Ben Zoma said: “Who is wise? To learn about anyone, he can say: Of all those who teach me obedience; for your Divrei Torah are my conversation ”.  
  • Product Portfolio: Provide worldwide a form of communication that anticipates and meets the needs and needs of people.  
  •  Society : being a global Citizen, responsible for a world, the Greatest contributor to it.
  • Values: We  identify a set of core values ​​that will help revive the flame of your business. All of them must come together in our hearts and minds, and must be manifested in our actions. We are planning and creating active support mechanisms to ensure that we live our values.
  • Integrity: Being Authentic.  
  • Quality: What we do  , we do well.
  • Responsibility : What Happens depends on a Fault.
  • Leadership  : Courage for a better future Forge.
  • Collaboration  : Promote collective talent.
  • Diversity  : As inclusive as our brands.
  • Passion  : Committed to the Heart and Reason.

Federico Elian Pipman

Founder & CEO

Business Consultant and Business Management,
Master in Business Administration and Graduate in
Public Relations and Business Protocol.
He is currently studying “Mentoring” at the Moti Vitman institution.
He studied “Digital Marketing” at the John Bryce Institute, one
of the most prestigious in Israel.
He has a cutting-edge, innovative, energetic and
creative way of working.
His charismatic, overwhelming personality and his innate
leadership, public speaking and persuasion skills make him unique and essential for
any project.
He has more than 13 years of experience in Marketing, Advertising and
Public Relations in the most important Jewish institutions and
prestigious from Argentina and Israel.
His systemic vision and his positive emotional intelligence allow him to
reach places where no one else would.
Her phrase is: “If there are no doors, create a window!”.
He stands out in team leadership,
organizational communication processes, Networking, Event Management and Planning.


Melina Sirulnicoff

Daniel Pipman

Founder & Dircom Mamá Mía 360

Latam Sales Director

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