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You came to the right place. At Mamá Mía 360, you will find the tools you need. With these tools you will be able to achieve the objectives of your company.

Brand identity

Effective communication

Our analytical process allows us to adapt to the context and needs of each client. We work in various sectors and areas, from industrial and corporate projects to commercial and institutional fields.



We investigate and analyze the behavior of the audience, the business and the competition to find strategic solutions that allow us to define a DNA and brand concept.


We build a unique and differentiated behavior system for the brand, capable of evolving and adapting to the needs of the market, both visually and verbally.


We implement the identity in different scenarios and supports, making sure that the brand generates a positive experience and contributes to business objectives and consumer expectations.


We establish solid parameters and intuitive rules of use to ensure that the brand can be used in various contexts and maintain its communicative consistency over time. 

One does not consume a product, but the image one has of it.



Visual ambassador of your brand

Convey the style and values ​​of your brand through a professional and unique logo.

Logos that can be scaled to all types of media, both digital and physical, so that your brand does not fade and can be present at all points of contact with your target market.



It is a powerful tool that, when used wisely, can enhance  your brand identity  and give the ideal tone to the message you want to convey.


It will be used in your documents and communications that you generate for your company. This element is just as important as the logo or the color range of the brand.


Brands must adapt for today’s multiple devices and their screen resolutions.

Video Marketing

Video content is king

Engage your audience and attract new customers with smart and engaging videos. Give a better understanding of your product and brand. Explain your most complicated ideas through simple and easy audiovisuals We

develop a video marketing strategy based on your company's vision. We create digital videos of all kinds and formats from animated explainers, application tutorials for commercial ads, and social media videos.



Video strategy development

We create a personalized video marketing strategy for each company, FREE for our partners.

We will help you choose the best format, video type, presentation style, duration, etc. With a good strategy, the videos achieve the desired effect.

Script/Storyboard Creation

We create scripts and storyboards for each video based on the video marketing strategy.

Storyboards help clients to have a forecast of the final results. We actively discuss the script and messaging to best suit the company’s tone of voice.

Personalization for Social Networks

We create custom videos to showcase your brand and product for all social media platforms.

Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin require different video styles, sizes, lengths and even tones. That’s why for your video to work, it must cover all conditions.



Advertise with professional designs

Advertising flyers are a very powerful tool to advertise and strengthen your brand, but it is necessary to have appropriate designs that have direct and precise messages. When preparing them, do not forget to consider the following aspects:


Make a positive impact

With a good presentation you can make the information easier to understand and remember. It allows you to present information in a striking, concrete and high-quality format.


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