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Marketing and Communication

Intensify your sales with online marketing and advertising strategies that attract a constant flow of customers and accelerate the growth of your company every day.


You came to the right place. At Mamá Mía 360, you will find the tools you need. With these tools you will be able to achieve the objectives of your company.

Google ADS

Campaigns in Google Ads

Position yourself in the reference search engine, beat your competition and get more visits to your website with profitable Google Ads ads. Advertising on the leading search engine guarantees that you appear before the consumer just when they intend to buy . Its advantages go further. The main one: you only pay per click. If there is no conversion to your website, your budget remains intact. Plus, it gives you immediate results, incredible statistics, and unrivaled data intelligence.

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Your best investment

of your customers when they want something, they search for it on Google. And if you want  your brand to be the first to be found , Google Ads is your best investment.


Search network

We turn Google Ads into an essential piece of your sales system, designing the most appropriate strategy to meet your business objectives.


We create visual ads that impact 92% of internet users, even if they are not looking for you. The best choice to increase your brand awareness, promote launches and attract new visitors to your website.


Getting strangers to discover your website is great, but 95% of users take no action on their first visit. We prevent them from forgetting you by impacting them again with remarketing campaigns that multiply your conversions.


It is the second platform with the most searches in the world and its visualizations already exceed traditional media. Audiovisual ads are the most remembered and connect with your audience like no other format. Concerned about costs? This fact may surprise you: YouTube does not require a large investment.


The best escape to the world for your online store. We make your products available to users with a real purchase intention at that precise moment. A very effective format with which you will boost the sales of your ecommerce in a profitable way.

We create campaigns in Google Adwords that convert your goals into sales

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Campaigns in Social Networks

Gain visibility, impact your ideal client and increase your sales with advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram Ads that DO convert.

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They ensure you impact your ideal client

of businesses are already clear that advertising on Facebook and Instagram is an  essential piece of their media plan .

We create campaigns on Facebook and Instagram Ads that convert your goals into sales

Sales funnels

Automate and digitize your business

Automate your company's sales, save time and resources to enter customers 24/7 (almost) effortlessly with funnels that turn strangers into customers and customers into loyal advocates of your brand. For this reason, digitalizing the sales process is essential to catapult your income with an excellent return on investment. Leveraging the power of technology to generate qualified leads and convert them into sales automatically. With systems that work for your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can get more customers with less effort.


Essential to sell more with less effort

Of the online businesses have implemented automated marketing and sales systems.  Establishing relationships that convert leads into new customers and current customers into loyal customers and brand ambassadors. All this saving time and resources.


funnels for launches

We are experts in building funnels for digital launches. Strategies, irresistible offers, lead magnets, registration and sales pages and email marketing sequences designed to convert.

funnels from scratch

We create funnels tailored to your business. We design the entire sales sequence, configure the automations and each step of the strategy.

Funnel Optimization

If your funnel is already working, we audit the entire process to detect which phase of the funnel is causing leaks and how to improve its performance. We tweak settings and redesign actions to boost their performance.

Public relations

PR and Press Office

We take care of the relationship with the media and organization of events so that your brand has visibility in them. From the writing of the press release to the clipping and the report of the results obtained.

What do we offer you?



Attraction of a high volume of traffic with a significant weight of new traffic


Improvement of brand awareness among our target audience.


Access to market “influencers” who can recommend our products / services.


Improvement of search engine positioning thanks to the achievement of incoming links.

Email Marketing

Loyalty to your customers

Email Marketing is an excellent communication tool available to the brand to communicate with the client. It is a very powerful weapon that, well used, can give very good results, especially conversion. It is a perfect opportunity to offer the user quality and valuable content. A customizable plus with the aim of converting leads into potential customers. It is time to strengthen the ties with your clients through Email Marketing, creating emails to inform, thank or promote your products or services to your clients.

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Millions of people used email daily worldwide

We offer you:

Email Design

Based on the briefing received,we design the emails, landing pagesand forms that will reflect your brandand optimize conversions.

Responsive layout

We are experts in responsive layoutand we are up to date with all the changesin our sector. We make sure that your emailwill adapt to different devices and

Campaign Production

Whatever the email marketing toolyou have hired, we take care of thecomplete production of the campaigns,meeting the deadlines and without errors.

Email automation

We help you automatelead nurturing and scoring processes and implementautomated customer life cycle programs.

Reporting and analytics

We collect, process, analyze and interpretthe data available on your shippingand web analytics platform. We prepare adhoc analysis according toyour needs.

Development and integrations

Our data and programming specialistscan help you integrate different data sources(CRM, web, forms,) with the ESP,through different methods and adapting tothe needs of your business.


Connect with your audience

With our social media service we help you achieve your business goals through a creative digital strategy. We help your brand to explain your product, service or business through quality visual content on your favorite social networks and we achieve its positioning in the global market. You will increase your sales, you will reach new markets, you will generate engagement (commitment) with your customers and you will establish a close community with them.


Content that converts

Content Marketing or Content Marketing is a technique that is based on creating relevant and valuable content to attract potential customers.

Change the paradigm of invasive marketing (eg banners) with the premise that it is the customer who approaches the brand, instead of the brand chasing the consumer.

1. Create content that educates, entertains and informs the potential client and not just self-promotional content of the brand.

2. Bet on the long term, expecting organic results after 6 months of implementation.

3. Measure the results of each action to find out what works best with each audience.

Your company will be able to:

Reduce cost per business opportunity by up to 65%

Your page will have a growing number of potential customers, continually coming from free sources like Google.

Scale with Ease

Outsourcing the content production of your company will allow you to more easily control the budget that is dedicated to content and will allow you to focus on issues more related to the business.

Build trust around your brand

By reading its content, visitors will have much more confidence in your company, it will position itself as a reference for the topic in the market.

Comercio Electrónico

Sell ​​on the Internet 24 hours a day.

At Mamá Mía Marketing Services, we know how important e-commerce is today for any business or company, whatever its sector.

We have in our team experts in the creation of online stores with customized CMS or in the creation of stores on platforms such as WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin.

We create your online store from scratch if necessary, managing the domain, hosting and email accounts. Furthermore, we configure everything necessary for the correct functioning of the online store, such as: currencies, languages, geographical areas, postage and shipping costs, categories, downloadable product documents, etc.

Your company will be able to:


Your business is open 24 hours  a day around the world. No time or geographic limits.

Sustainable investment and affordable costs

An online business is very cheap compared to the real world and physical stores, where there is a cost of personnel, electricity, municipal taxes, rent, etc.

Billing increase

You no longer only invoice for your sales in your physical store, now also through internet sales.


Improve your competitive advantage

Your competition already has it or is working on it, now is the ideal time for electronic commerce .

Provide prestige and professional image to your business.

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